Design and Prototype a Superhome with SAM Labs

Design skills for post-primary students

In this design challenge, students will use SAM to prototype an idea for the home, which would make life easier for someone with a disability

This is a 3 part pack and while the parts work beautifully together, if you only want to do one part you can! The 3 parts include:

1.Introduction To The Design Challenge
2.Five Simple Steps To Design Prototyping
3.Creating a Prototype using SAM blocks


SAM Labs create wireless electronics kits that allow anyone to build their own smart inventions. The wireless blocks are an ideal tool for kids aged 7-12 to learn coding, science and engineering

Product Design can be used in a variety of classroom activities and follows a five step process - research, ideas, select, prototype and test

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SAM Labs

SAM Labs aims to unleash the inventive potential of children. Every kid has it and SAM provides the tools and technology for kids to explore and express their imaginations.