Become a Code Breaker with SAM Labs

Build a Morse Code machine to send secret messages

Students will learn about codes by encoding and decoding their own secret messages and transmit them across the class (and beyond). This project includes two different builds including a Morse Code beacon and a cipher wheel, which are brought to life with the SAM app and Blocks

This is a 3 part pack and while the parts work beautifully together, if you only want to do one part you can! The 3 parts include:

1.Introduction to coding
2.Creating a Morse Code Beacon using SAM blocks 3.Creating a Cipher Wheel and sending messages via Twitter


SAM Labs create wireless electronics kits that allow anyone to build their own smart inventions. The wireless blocks are an ideal tool for kids aged 7-12 to learn coding, science and engineering

Coding is one of the worlds most widely used languages! There is a growing requirement for children to not only learn how to use the connected world (computers, programmable devices, drones etc), but also to how to use all of these things in untested and unusual ways. It has been predicted that by 2020 there are likely to be over 1 million unfilled jobs in the US alone that will be dependent on coding

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SAM Labs aims to unleash the inventive potential of children. Every kid has it and SAM provides the tools and technology for kids to explore and express their imaginations.