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Courtesy of Bank of Ireland

Makematic have partnered with Bank of Ireland UK to provide 1,000 teachers in Northern Ireland, access to over 12hrs worth of technology-focused professional learning courses – delivered in easily digestible 2-3min videos.

If you are a teacher based in Northern Ireland you can apply by visiting, and completing the registration form.

If you have already registered, you will have received email instructions for setting up your free account.

In Partnership With

Bank of Ireland UK
Bank of Ireland UK

Resources Included

Google Forms
An introduction to Google Forms for teachers.
Creative Coding in Any Subject
Use creative digital media to teach coding across the curriculum
Using Digital Sources
How to use primary digital sources
Get Started with Coding in the Classroom - Part 1
A simple approach to start teaching code, developed in partnership with Kano.
Get Started with Coding in the Classroom - Part 2
A simple approach to start teaching code, developed in partnership with Kano.
Crayola presents Art-Infused Education
Learn how art supports 21st century learning and school-wide improvement
Crayola CreatED
Everyday Technology
Everyday technologies for teachers
The Fourth Industrial Revolution
Preparing students for a technology-driven future
Creative & Digital Careers
Free Careers Resources for Teachers from NI Department for Communities
Department for Communities
21st Century Skills for Early Years Education
A primer on building 21st century skills in early years learning
3D Design & Printing
An introduction to 3D design and printing for the classroom
Become a Code Breaker with SAM Labs
Build a Morse Code machine to send secret messages
SAM Labs
Make Your Own Whack-a-Fruit Game with a BBC micro:bit
How to create a Whack a Fruit game using the BBC micro:bit
Andrew Mulholland
Belfast's Creative Future
Free resources for teachers from Belfast City Council
Belfast City Council
Game Changers
Game changing technologies and tech trends
Barbican Art Machines
Three Simple Digital Making Activities for Your Classroom
The Barbican
Technical Coaching for Teachers
How to teach technology when you don't have all the answers
Liberty IT

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?
These courses are suited to both primary and secondary level educators, regardless of subject matter. Teachers based in Northern Ireland can register for a free license.
What's Included?
A minimum of 1hr of new content will be added every month. Typically a course will include around 30mins of instructional content (so, 2 courses per month on average), supporting text and downloadable materials including project resources and sample lesson plans. Your license will last until September 30th 2018. After this time you will still be able to access existing course content but will not receive new courses as they are published.
How many licenses can our school have?
No more than 3 licenses per school (NB: each teacher must register individually). If you are based in Northern Ireland and would like additional licenses for your school / teachers you will receive a 50% discount off the standard first year pricing - see the coupon code link above
What topics will be covered?
A few of the topics include Coding in the Classroom 3D Design & Printing Designing a creative classroom Software careers Differentiation in STEM Problem-based Learning Media literacy Minecraft Education Edition Apple Classroom G Suite Technology coaching Design Thinking Future Careers Digital Civics Game-based Learning Understanding data AR / VR Using video Flipped Classroom Best Practice Maker technologies Game-changing tech trends Managing your LMS

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